Our PCB design team brings together many senior professionals in the PCB industry, we are concerned about the production cost and production cycle, and are committed to providing customers with high quality and efficient high-end PCB design, PCB prototyping, PCB production and PCBA placement and other one-stop services. What you are concerned about, is what we will try to do!
PCB Design parameters
PCB Design lead time
PCB Design case
PCB L AYOUT design industrial control board, using CadonCc design (allcgro software version 15.5). This PCB is designed with USB, LAN, LPT and other serial ports with anti-surge shock and anti-static functions; display functions with VGA, LVDS, HDMI, DV1 and other interfaces; expansion interfaces with PC104, PCI-E, PCI and so on. With the industrial motherboard, it supports multiple expansions. Products are widely used in industrial Internet control, high-end servers, data center cloud servers and other fields. It is the classic work of our company.  

This circuit board is a 12-layer smart medical PCB, designed with Cadence software. The product is mainly used in the field of video and image output of medical equipment, processing of application signals and medical electronic devices that need to interact with human body, etc. It is an innovative solution for touch screen to realize HMI technology. It is another design masterpiece of our company in the field of PCB.